All the Things that Did Not Kill Me

(Reasons to Travel)

Original Post: April 23, 2016

 Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a “bit” of a worrywart.  Okay, it’s true.  I’m a flat-out crazy person sometimes.  In my own mind, I’ve already encountered every possible awful scenario that has ever existed.  My imagination is my own worst enemy.  I’ve been through floods, fires, earthquakes, the end of the world, and somehow none of it has ever actually come to happen in my everyday life.  I’ve always been this way, but motherhood has, naturally, increased this amazing ability a good hundredfold.  (Thanks, kids!  Now mama’s a nervous wreck.)

And after 23 days, we’d managed not to run into any of the natural disasters and imminent death that I thought might try to greet us.  I figure, all in all, we avoided:

  • floods
  • tornadoes
  • wild fires
  • black bears
  • grizzly bears
  • wolves
  • bison
  • scorpions
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • lightning
  • earthquakes
  • rockslides
  • rockfalls
  • super volcanoes
  • murderous hitchhikers
  • heatstroke
  • altitude sickness
  • drowning
  • falling from cliffs
  • dehydration & death after a car break down in the desert

I’m sure there were more on my list, but that more or less sums up what we weren’t forced to survive along the way!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never let your brain stop you from going where you want to go!

Get out there and explore.